Ericsson Hq in Cyberjaya: Architecture Idea


Ericsson Hq in Cyberjaya: Architecture Idea


Serina Hijjas is often a wellknown Malaysian architect in addition director from the Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn. She received 20 around years working experience in this construction design arena. Serina procured over the girl dad involvement with this engineering field while her my father is also the architect, Hijjas Kasturi, the exact founder with Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn. Serina graduated with a Degree in Structures in Higher education of Questionnaire and Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural mastery from the Barlett School regarding Architecture in England. She used to be an archietctural assistant with all the Foster Good friends, focuses on masterplan for Sovereign Cross for two years just after her commencement. Later on, this girl decided to come back to Malaysia plus work for Hijjas Kasturi Contacts focusing on conceptual design, arrangement management in retail, place of work and financial. She linked to Masterplan throughout Putrajaya.

Serina Hijjas may be the founding of Malaysia’s Grren Building Listing technical Committee in charge of a particular competition, golf course, rules of golf committee, etc., which she actually is very qualified with her knowledge and building background. The particular Committee gets the specialized membership about boards regarding Architects with Malaysia but it corporates while using member of PAM. One of Serina greatest fulfillment with her firm was getting involved with typically the Putrajaya Masterplan design. Your ex company additionally work in numerous otehr a good deal large scale assignments such as the Masterplan Core Tropical island Boulevard for Putrajaya plus Putrajaya Convention Centre, Ericsson Malaysia during Cyberjaya, Telekom Malaysia Home office Building, ASEAN Instisture of drugs, and much more. My spouse been rather active in the location in Energy Performance and suatainability since your ex formative many architecture apply in The Fosters, London. Furthermore getting related to much of authorities projects, she’s got also offered much discussion and be the best speaker on giving the woman speech and talks with various alternative architectural webinar.

There are couple of awards that she had won during these thirty over numerous years of experience that is the Asean Energy Efficiency Award regarding Securities Payment Headquarters, Bukit Kiara around 2001, Selected for the Aga Khan Merit for Telekom Malaysia Headquarters in 2004, Displayed at the Polish Academy Summer season Show, Wind generator tower Category just for Telekom Malaysia Headquarters, only two nd Place International, Dubai Country wide Library Contest in 2004, Asean Electrical power Efficiency Designation for Telekom Malaysia Headquarters in june 2006 and simply being nominated in the Aga Khan Award for Putrajaya Established practice Centre within year 2006.

ii. Venture description

A view to this task is to exhibit and perception of architect’s system theory from a direct statement and investigation of this projects. Each of the architectural elements in the picked building are going to be broken down plus matches along with the relevant industrial theories. Apart from that, research of the connection between construction and its interpersonal, cultural as well as intellectual framework will be brought up through charts and go.

iii. Building Introduction

In this particular essay, the actual chosen making to be considered is the Ericsson R& Deborah Building designed by Serina Hijjas, The client from this project could be the Ericsson. This particular building could be the headquarter about Ericsson within the Asia state. The budget for this project had been RM110million and it completed in 12 months 2002. A the home from the Swedish telecom giant, is positioned in the Multimedia Super Passage, Cyberjaya. This valuable building, which includes a total air-conditioning area of 300, 000 sq ft, dwellings state-of-the-art comforts for R& D technology. The air-conditioning system takes advantage of the cool water within the district condition (primary circuit) and is distributed into the making (secondary circuit) through heating exchangers. The main state-of-the-art air-conditioning system installed in this creating incorporates typically the innovative thought of raised-floor systems and excellence air-conditioning technique. (Effective Condition Technologies, 2006).


Ericsson Hq in Cyberjaya has substantial overhanging eaves roof to avoid excessive sunshine to enter your house and affect the comfort level for users. Typically the orientation in the building on the site, the location where the East western part of the setting up, is covered with long hang over eaves, behave as a and also devices.

The huge overhanging roof structure at the isn’t stable of the establishing, having just like a perforated sort of roof, letting the sunlight so that you can penetrates on the external gaps forming an interesting shadows with spaces.

Substantial overhanging roofs at the entrances with complete curtain wall structure creates a great entrance. There is also a tree structure roof structure at the techniques to supplies a feeling of welcoming to the users at the same time as being a shading gadget, protecting you from sun and rain. The fascinating roof at the entrance, finding the glass to the rooftop, permitting light penetrationg and illuminating light giving an bright together with interesting entrance.

The central courtyard within the building makes important on the infiltrating of all-natural daylight to the spaces whereby the both equally sides roof acquiring alittle associated with overhang meant for shading needs.

Greens, plants and flowers were selected and planted on the related to of the making to provide fine ventilation and comfy space.

Forest planted along side the road prior to turning into the leading entrance in the building. The exact trees gives you shades in the hot crissis in Malaysia and also function in becoming green within the building, is designed with a comfortable as well as relaxing sensing to the owner and passbyer.

For good circulation, cross venting and add ventilation being used to attract blowing wind into the creating. External Wind goes through from the windows into stairs growing a bunch ventilation, by which cross permit were shape when the opposing sides on the windows are usually being open, letting over the wind in order to goes in and out to air out the building spots.


Being a hybrid of Modernism and Regionalism, it showcases yet spins around the block itself by both, about to cultivate your resistant, personality giving customs while at the same time getting discreet recourse to general technique (Frampton, 1983, k. 20). Essential Regionalists usually are “opposed so that you can mindlessly starting the narcissistic dogmas during the name associated with universality, resulting in environments that can be economically high dollar and ecologically destructive on the human community” (Tzonis, Lefaivre 2003, p. 20).

Glenn Murcutt-Magney Place (1984)

Magney House is really an example of significant regionalism. Your place was constructed the growth of vegetation site wheresoever it is relatively mad and undeveloped. It has an additional room which in turn supports backyard living outside wind however , relatively enclosed with the direct sun light and the check out. The effect from this space around the plan is normally liberating-This room or space act as your overturns of the conventional style of domestic quarters and posits a much more changed and spatially diverse option. (Metcalf, 2012)

An change architecture for this building is by the fundamental regionalism. For the Ericsson HQ, it adapts the greenary of the site and put in more green, using lumination material and also a more humanic scale to be able to blend with all the site along with nature, along with the influence involving climate within providing shadings and setting up to the constructing, the Magney house likewise uses the material on metal and tumbler as the light structure for that house, establishing with the sunny location.

Ericsson HQ works with with the site where the inclination of the construction at the site, having a straightforward and obvious access on the building. Simply because the location with the building are experiencing the totally free access with the main entrances of freeway. People can simply have a view access to house from the freeway. Easy access through main freeway to the principal entrance of your building. Your website are between greenery, creating a beautiful scenario along the way to the access of the establishing. The tactic of nature towards the making focuses on the entrance, possessing a beautiful along with grand entrances, having the drinking water features and also beautiful house plants and trees and shrubs to show and permit people the actual entrance on the building.

The exact approach regarding greens on the building intergrating with the blog to express typically the tropical selection. The site mostly are surrounded by green vegitables, therefore , to accommodate back using the site, timber are being raised at the encircling where it does not only function as aesthetic function, but also intergration towards the website, act as covering from the hot climate and also heavy rainfall, and gives the nature as well as tropical can feel to the clients.

The building top also gives a humanic size and atmosphere landscape model to the web site. The design of top of the building doesnt gives the fear and also oppress experience towards the clients but a good humanic level, because of a lot less and ordinary height volume of building.

The particular materials applied are mostly ores and window. It delivers a light experiencing as the construction and stuff used are generally light, offering a permeability sensing to the consumers. High a glass curtain outlet are being used, making it possible the healthy daylight for you to penetrates on the building, protraiting a good vitality efficiency. A reduced amount of artificail lights is neede to enlight the space on the building thanks to the functions of glass. The design will help in not merely providing all natural daylight, but will also to prevent increased daylight to the building, effecting roofs and also metal cladding do my math homework online in the fakeness are being trusted. The exterior having metallic cladding of which not only allows shades towards internal areas but also become a artistic value for the facade style that satisfies the environment. Material material are the ideal material currently suitable to raise Malaysia, wherever manufacturer associated with metal in particular aluminium happen to be widely obtained in Malaysia, it is is more ecological friendly content compared to asphalt or bricks.


The material found in the building are mostly glass together with metal. Them shows a gentle and modern day architecture model through the style and design, material plus technology utilized. The buidling are vitality effiency throughout the technology utilized in the building for example air condition energy sources. The air-conditioning system utilizes the cooled water from the district condition (primary circuit) and is produced into the creating (secondary circuit) through temperatures exchangers. The very state-of-the-art air-conditioning system installed in this establishing incorporates the innovative master planning of raised-floor technology and finely-detailed air-conditioning product.

Besides this, glass content used will allow penetration involving daylight in to the building, giving free purely natural daylight, diminishes the applies of man-made light thereby cost diminishes not only in illumination cost but additionally in air flow condition(ventilation) perversite. Therefore , it’s really a good account of model and method in building on efficiency of the creating and ecological. Framing the lovely view of interior and outside.

Metal truss roof are employed in the creating where the lattice truss can support wide cariety of rooftop system caused by excellent muscle to excess fat ratio. It will weigh until eventually span regarding 40m not having need for advanced support vertebral column. It allows for the makers to have a more significant flexibility when working to optimise internal spot. Metal truss roof presents light structure, durable, extended, prevent bug killers, and doesnt need completes.

The structure used in the key entrance as a shading equipment are often known as the foliage structure since the structure involving support organizations out being a tree. Also, it is known as coverage like composition as it leads to like a patio umbrella. This design are light source and also primarily use simply because shading products in Malaysia along the Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The advantages of using metal along with glass. Stainlesss steel has a high strength and also weight relation. Thus metal are very suitable for long extend building, getting high ductility where these have the energy researching capacity and definitely will not get on abrupt failure. Whereas glass permit natural light the actual space though it is dark. This very reason will be the idea at the rear of applying window materials on wall structure. The energy utilization is simplified. Besides the fact that, air conditioning process does not have to performance more so that they can fully interesting an area given that glass is really a bad caudillo. Choosing this two components in the design and style, it helps to better not only in the vitality efficiency but in addition environmental favorable and also supplies a modern design and style design.

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